Radical Fun at Totally Awesome 80’s Party


Kyle's 30th B-Day Totally 80s Style
Kyle channeling Miami Vice vibes at his 80’s themed birthday party.

“Did you get that?” he asked “If not we got a backup plan. We can do it again.”

This question may be asked of many a photographer with different results. In this particular case I had gotten the shot and it captured the moment. The moment was a group of friends gathered around and in unison they cracked and shot gunned their beers. It happened fast and I snapped away. The occasion was to celebrate Kyle’s 30th birthday. He brought it in with style having a Totally Awesome 80’s themed birthday party in his honor.

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Celebrating a remarkable milestone birthday

Pagenkopf's 21st B-Day Bash_11 copy

“You have to have a Jell-O shot! Come on, it’s just one!”

Such is life when you’re photographing a 21st birthday party. I chuckled and politely declined to a chorus of bemoaning. This quickly changed to laughter and I had to laugh as well.  The laughter just filled the air. It traveled from room to room, from indoors to the guests outside. Everyone from all ages was festive and mingling and why not? The guests of honor were a set of triplets, Aaron, Natalie and Jessie. Friends, family and extended family were there to bid a happy 21st to these remarkable siblings.

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