Maternity smiles with Zhania

20170909 Zhania Baby Shower_232
A look at Zhania during her maternity session. –
A maternity session full of smiles and laughter. Zhania, the excited mommy to be, was absolutely radiant! She was truly classy, elegant and beautiful during this session.

The evening was a celebration of joy, love and the coming arrival of a new life. Zhania was absolutely radiant and glowing with excitement. She had just arrived to the baby shower event being thrown in her honor. To say she was smiling was an understatement. You could see her smile as soon as the door opened and she stepped out of the car!

Many friends and family were in attendance and from arrival to the front door Zhania and the proud father to be, Travares, were greeted with cheers, hugs, high fives and exuberant questions. All were handled in stride as they entered a location fit for a star studded affair. Pink decorations signaling the arrival of a bouncing baby girl were on the opposite wall of the front entry. Adjacent was a celebration wall where arriving guests could have their picture taken. Once you passed the entry way a wall of catered food was set up for the guests. Tables, chairs and settings were decorated to perfection. The fireplace was adorned with pictures of both Zhania and Travares as kids overlooking an area set up with presents for the new parents. A truly wonderfully atmosphere for celebration.

Being the photographer, in all of the constant motion of family, friends and guests vying for their time I sought an opportunity. I wanted to capture the radiance of the new mommy to be in this exciting moment.  I had previously seen a few spots outside where I could quickly photograph her in the evening’s golden hour. She nodded and followed me outside. After denying a few of her friends trying to tag along we arrived at the aforementioned spots. As a photographer I love it when plan comes together (to borrow a famous line). Zhania was truly classy, elegant and beautiful during this session. Her smile lit up the frame and her excitement translated wonderfully with each shutter release.

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After wrapping at one location I moved her to the second so I could capture the golden hour sunset illuminating her in some cool portrait shots. With a constant, genuine smile it wasn’t difficult to capture beautiful images. Then we put Travares in front of the camera along with Zhania. I was able to capture the Yin and Yang of their personalities. Where she’s constant energy he’s cool and mellow. In talking with them I was about to capture some cool impromptu moments. I even got him to smile which he said would be difficult to do. So I joked around and got them both laughing…then snapped away. This session went great and both were wonderful during our time together. Upon delivery of the photos they were overjoyed with the resulting shots. Here’s to Zhania and Travares! Three cheers to the new parents!

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